Red Band Trailer: The Change-Up


It seems like we get a new body switching comedy every two years now, doesn’t it? The last one I remember was 17 Again which after a quick Google search, came out… yep, two years ago. And Leslie Mann was in that one too? What the hell? Honestly the only memorable part of that movie for me Thomas Lennon’s character. Anyway, The Change-Up is yet another role reversal movie, this time starring Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds. It’s also got a brand new red band trailer, which you can see in all it’s not-safe-for-work glory after the jump. 


The formula for The Change-Up should seem familiar: Bateman feels suffocated by his wife and kids, Reynolds is his womanizer best friend, they switch bodies, hijinks ensue — you know the drill. Although really, this doesn’t look that bad. Bateman and Reynolds are two of my favorite comedic actors, and the trailer did muster a chuckle or two from me. Plus both Leslie Mann and Olivia Wilde show their naughty bits in the movie. That alone might be worth the price of admission.

[FirstShowing Via Break]