Red Band Trailer: The Sitter


Normally, my eyes blur over as I fall into a daze whenever I see a movie about kids coming out. Cheaper by the Dozen, Daddy Daycare, Toothfairy and whatever crap Hollywood churns out these days… but The Sitter with Jonah Hill looks to take all those subgenre conventions, lean them over a pinball machine and take their virginity. Even I, with my dulled movie-going expectations, was taken aback at some of the liberties this film and even Jonah himself takes with cussing in front of the kids and putting them in some surprisingly adult situations. Note to Hollywood: Surprising your audience is a good thing.

After the disappointment that was Your Highness, I’m hoping David Gordon Green and Jonah Hill can combine their powers to create something more on the level of Green’s previous (and more successful) effort, Pineapple Express. Going by the trailer, I don’t think that’s too far-flung of a wish… But don’t take my word for it. Watch for yourself.

[Via Collider]