Red State: New trailer, new poster, and more!


Morning! Hope you’ve had your coffee, because we’ve got a big update on Kevin Smith’s Red State. /Film reported that the kinda/kinda not self distributed title will be getting a theatrical release here in Los Angeles, making the movie eligible for Oscar nominations. The shows will be at the New Beverly Cinema (one of my favorite theatres in the country), and are on sale now for $20. This includes a Q&A with Kevin after the movie is over, so it’s really a good deal. If you’re even slightly interested in this movie, and live in the LA area, you better get your tickets quick because this show will sell out quickly.

But what does this mean? Oscar qualifying? What? See, to get your movie eligible for Academy Award nominations, it has to screen in Los Angeles for one week. But does this mean Smith is saying that Red State is Oscar-worthy? Not really. However, there’s one aspect that seems to be the driving force behind this move: Michael Parks. The word around the block is that Parks’ portrayal of Abin Cooper is nothing short of phenomenal. So it seems as if Smith is doing this just for the potential of getting Michael Parks an Oscar nomination. 

Now that the boring news is out of the way, hit the jump for a new trailer! It’s kind of NSFW, so make sure your boss isn’t looking when you watch it. Also check out the gallery for a brand new poster!

[via /Film]