Redband Trailer: FDR: American Badass!


I’m sick of the literary trend started by Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. At its worst, it’s crappy fanfiction, and at best, it’s a typically soul-less re-telling of a previous story told infinitely better than whatever random author decided to add wood nymphs to Jane Eyre or some such. However, I am in full support of alternate history weirdness. Is it hypocritical? Yeah, probably. Don’t care. I can’t wait for Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, but it pales in comparison to FDR: American Badass!, largely because this film is 100% accurate. FDR really did contract polio from a werewolf (look it up!), and the Nazi party was about 85% werewolf. This is the problem with kids getting outdated textbooks these days. I had very up-to-date texts in my high school history classes, so I’m privy to all this stuff.

Also, Kevin Sorbo is playing Abraham Lincoln, according to the film’s IMDB page. Don’t ask for another reason to see this, or I may hit you for your impudence.