Reeves says Cloverfield 2 still a ways off


Cloverfield was one of those films that you either loved for its fresh take on the monster movie genre or hated for the dizzying first person camera. Being part of the former, I’ve been anxiously waiting for a sequel, but it seems I might have to wait a bit longer.

While promoting the DVD/Blu-Ray release of Let Me In, director Matt Reeves sat down with Movieweb to discuss future projects. When a sequel to Cloverfield was brought up, he stated:

Cloverfield 2 will most likely not be the next movie because that’s still in the really nascent stages. We haven’t really had time to get together and talk about what that would be. That journey will probably be a bit longer, when we find that idea that we really get excited about…Someone said to me the other day, ‘Yeah, we hear you’re going to get the band back together.’ I said, ‘Yeah, but at this stage, we’re just talking about getting the band back together. We actually haven’t gotten the band back together.”

Hit the jump for news about Reeve’s next project as well as my thoughts on the matter.

[via Movieweb]

So since Matt Reeves is done with Let Me In and hasn’t even thought about Cloverfield 2, one has to wonder what project could possibly be distracting him from getting the ball rolling. Apparently it’s not so much a project as it is projects. He said:

I’m reading a lot of scripts and novels and going to a lot of meetings to discuss projects, but I haven’t decided what’s next, so I don’t know what’s next. I’m reading a lot and hopefully we’ll be able to say what I’m doing within the next month or two. I really want to continue to press and try to make this smaller project that I’ve been trying to make since before Cloverfield. It’s a project called The Invisible Woman. It’s sort of a character thriller. It’s the anatomy of this woman’s desperation. It’s the same sort of storytelling that I did in Let Me In. It’s an intimate character story, so I’m excited to do that to. Probably what I would do is find the next project and find a way to marry that schedule to the bigger project. So, hopefully, we could do two in a row and then maybe Cloverfield 2.”

Two projects before you start on Cloverfield 2?! I understand that as a director, you want try your hand at making different types of films, but that’s why you directed The Pallbearer!  As someone who really loved the first one, I really want to say “What the hell Reeves?! Get your sh*t together and give me a goddamn Cloverfield sequel!” Still, I won’t be saying that being that I am now a professional blogger. Instead, I’ll simply say “Take your time, it’s better to get it right than to rush it out”.

Just please, take your time a little bit faster.