Regal Cinemas selling mega tickets for World War Z


Here’s an interesting little prospect: getting more out of your already expensive movie ticket by paying more for it. Regal Cinemas is offering up Mega Tickets to World War Z. When you give them $50 bucks they give you a ticket to an advance screening of the film (6/19), an HD digital copy of the movie when it is released, collector’s edition 3D glasses, a limited-edition poster and a small popcorn. The offer isn’t in every city, however. You’ll need to live in Houston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Atlanta or San Diego to take advantage.

But will you really be taking advantage? Let’s do a little math here. A 3D matinee movie is something like $16. Then a digital download of the film would probably cost around $14.99 (going rate on Amazon). I can promise you those collectible 3D glasses and poster will be pretty crap and you’ll most likely lost them in a week. Then lets say $5 for a small popcorn. That’s a grand total of $36 bucks. Even if tickets in your area are higher than $16 its hard to make the deal worth it unless you’re desperate to see it early or you really want some cheap plastic glasses.

Our suggestion: save your money, wait for our review so you can know if it’s good or not and then pay less to see it while still being able to afford a $6 soda. However, if you want to pick up the “mega ticket” head here.

Matthew Razak
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