Regal Cinemas to raise their ticket prices 4%


Deadline reported that Regal ticket prices are expected to go up 3% to 4% this year, in keeping with patterns from previous years. This means that you’ll need to take out a loan if you want to waste your money on World War Z and a medium popcorn with 10W-40 synthetic butter. It also means that World War Z has a slightly better chance of breaking even, upgrading from “a snowball’s chance in hell” to “bwahaha-pfft, oh hell no.”

Regal CEO Amy Miles said, “As long as we continue to provide that great, affordable out-of-home experience… people are going to continue to go to the movies.” No word on if she used air quotes or stifled a laugh when saying the word “affordable.”

A hike of 3% to 4% doesn’t seem like much, but it adds up. What’s also problematic is the theater experience itself. Let me be frank: every time I go to the movies, I realize how much people f**king suck at going to the movies. So many a**hole moviegoers seem to exist only to ruin your experience: they talk, text, receive calls, whine, kick seats, bring their stupid crying babies, and just become general nuisances. Worse, these jerkwads are totally oblivious to the fact that they are horrible, horrible, horrible people.

Ahem. So… How do you feel about rising ticket prices?

[via Deadline]

Hubert Vigilla
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