Rejoice for Titanic 3D shall grace us two days earlier


On this day, the heavens opened up upon mankind and finally heard our prayers. Often heretics condemn the higher powers that be for being absentee gods, but no more. Today, we’ve got news — that Titanic 3D will be gracing our theaters with an April 4th release date rather than the original April 6th date. Do you know what this means?  Did you do the math? I didn’t, I asked a friend to do it for me, but that friend told me that this means TITANIC 3D IS COMING OUT TWO F%#KING DAYS EARLIER THAN INTENDED!

I think it’s so awesome that the studio doesn’t care about making butt loads of money or being number one on the box office, but instead are taking this dangerous risk of releasing it two days early just to appease fans of grandiose nautical tragedies and three dimensions. Good on them.