Rejoice! Puss in Boots opening one week earlier!


I woke up this morning horribly depressed. I would have to wait a whole month to see DreamWorks’ new masterpiece, Puss in Boots. Every day since the film’s announcement has filled me with absolute agony at the thought that I could not yet watch this fine piece of cinematic brilliance. I’ve cried myself to sleep every night, wishing for fate to intervene and allow me to travel into the future and avoid the horrible pain of waiting. I must know all about Puss in Boots, the cuddly-yet-dangerous feline of Shrek fame! I must know everything!

Someone has heard my prayers, or at least one of the hundreds of desperate phone calls I’ve made to the homes of DreamWorks executives. It was announced today that Puss in Boots will be opening on October 28th instead of November 4th. That is one whole week less than we would have had to wait before! I am still tearing at the walls with anticipation, but I know now that I have a little less agony to experience before I finally get my sweet, sweet release. In addition, Universal’s Johnny English Reborn has been moved from October 28th to October 21st. It clearly knows that it is no match for Puss in Boots.