Report: A Silver Surfer movie is in the works at Fox


In an apparent attempt to compete with WB and DC Films in baffling comic book fans with movie announcements, Fox is reportedly working on a Silver Surfer movie. The potential project was casually mentioned by THR, with the screenplay being written by Runaways comic writer Brian K. Vaughan. 

Couple this with a Kitty Pryde movie from Tim Miller, a Multiple Man movie with James Franco and a Doctor Doom movie from Fargo and Legion creator Noah Hawley (via Variety), and that’s quite a crazy and unwieldy line-up from a studio that’s expected to get eaten alive by Disney sometime next year

The Silver Surfer was previously portrayed by character actor, contortionist and sexy fish man Doug Jones in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, a film that you have undoubtedly forgotten about already. So, will this movie ever get made? I don’t know—why don’t you ask Gambit?

A Fox executive was quoted as saying, “We are going 100 miles per hour” in regards to the studio’s production cycle. We ask that the proper authorities give them a speeding ticket and possibly revoke their license.

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