Resident Evil: Damnation trailer shows Leon fighting lickers


I guess 2008’s Resident Evil: Degeneration did well enough for Capcom, as does anything Resident Evil related. So naturally, that means a new direct-to-DVD CG sequel! Details are scarce on Resident Evil: Damnation, but using my mystical powers of clairvoyance, I will attempt to predict the game’s plot based on this trailer posted by G4.

There is a war going on in Europe, and somehow Umbrella Corporation’s zombies are thrown into the mix for good fun. Leon S. Kennedy is sent in by the President to clean stuff up, because that’s how politics work. While over there, he shoots a lot of zombies dead while solving unnecessarily complicated puzzles. He teams up with a mysterious figure who is probably Chris Redfield/HUNK/some other character no one cares about. Back at home, the audience wonders why they are watching what is essentially just a very long cutscene instead of playing a game.

If watching the trailer online isn’t good enough, it is also included with the release of Resident Evil: Afterlife on home video, despite the live-action film sharing no continuity with the game timeline. I’m sure that won’t dissuade too many people. Video game continuity is silly anyway.

I must admit, I like that they’re bringing back lickers, which were always pretty scary to me. However, I’m just not sure I can handle much more Leon S. Kennedy at this point. He can’t be the only pretty boy in Capcom’s stables who fights zombies. Hell, just stick some other franchise’s character in the next inevitable CG movie for kicks, like Mega Man or Strider, it would surely be a more amusing flick.

[via G4]