Return of the Blood Grinder!

The Blood Grinder: Blodcast - Week One

Way, way back in October, when Flixist was just a wee baby, we were all tasked with writing an article about a movie that changed us. For me, personally, there was only one choice: The Blood Grinder.

The Blood Grinder told the story of Ronnie America, a man cut from the same cloth as Evil Dead’s Ash and Duke Nukem, a man whose whole world is brought crashing down as he discovers that his blushing bride has become the latest victim of the Blood Grinder! Vowing that the Blood Grinder has grinded his last blood, America sets out on to get his bloody revenge, leaving a trail of delightfully cheesy America-related quips in his path.

Flash forward to now. The team behind The Blood Grinder has become antsy. They feel that they didn’t do Ronnie America and his blood-grinding nemesis justice. They’re written a new, bigger, better script with no budgetary constrictions in mind. They all have jobs in The Industry. They mean business.

As such they’ve decided to give Mr. America the movie he deserves, and it all starts with the prequel. Hit the jump to find out more and find out just how you, yes you, can help make a big budget Blood Grinder a reality.

For those of you unfamiliar with Kickstarter, it is a website that helps people raise money for personal projects. You can donate as little as a dollar to the cause you choose, but the more you donate, the better the incentive, and the guys behind The Blood Grinder have some great incentives, including a “mouth-watering assortment of DELICIOUS premium Texas BBQ meats, including brisket, rack of ribs, and sausage.” Their goal is to raise $15,000 dollars and they’re already well on their way with, as of this writing, $2,565. If you’re interested, check out the The Blood Grinder Kickstarter page!

Beginning today, every Wednesday the internet will be treated to a ‘blodcast,’ part in-universe news report, part IRL status report. You can find them at the official The Blood Grinder youtube page or right here on Flixist.

Ladies and gents, let me be honest with you. I’ve seen the original The Blood Grinder. It’s a little rough around the edges, but there’s a lot of great, tongue-in-cheek humor and genuine talent at its core. With their additional experience, industry connections, and an actual budget behind them, the men who made The Blood Grinder can make a movie that will truly do the spirit of (Ronnie) America proud.

For even more info about The Blood Grinder, check out the The Blood Grinder Facebook and Twitter (Ronnie has one too!).