Review: Missed Connections


Missed connections serve as the chosen medium for lovelorn, hopeless romantics who believe in fleeting chance encounters in public. I can say this with confidence, because I used to regularly check missed connections on a daily basis despite never doing anything out of my old routines. I don’t know how successful they are, but considering their place on Craigslist, the go-to online depository for job and cheap furniture searches for 20-somethings, they’re ripe for quirky, indie films featuring aforementioned 20-somethings in search of more than just a cheap futon.

The aptly titled Missed Connections explores the world of online love searches with a hint of catfishing. But does it do so in an entertaining way?

Missed Connections
Director: Martin Snyder
Rating: N/A
Release Date: May 7, 2013 on VOD (More information here)

Lucy (Mickey Sumner) is getting ready to leave the law firm she works for for a new start in London. In her own words, love isn’t luck, it’s strategy, and she’s attempting to find a man that meets her criteria across the pond. That doesn’t bode well for IT man Josh (Jon Abrahams), who’s had a crush on Lucy for years. On her final day, Lucy runs into a mysterious Englishman (Jamie Belman) that seemingly fits her type, yet doesn’t exchange contact info with him.

Her friend turns to the internet to grant her wishes, which Josh and his IT friends intercept. The trio then think up a plan to write various missed connections to lure Lucy out for Josh to romance. If this sounds as creepy and ill-fated as it seems, that’s because it is. But hey, we all do crazy things in the name of love, don’t we?

The general premise is a bit quirky, albeit extremely creepy; then again, aren’t most comedies centered around outrageous scenarios? Missed Connections follows a safe rom-com formula of developing a relationship between the boy and girl, but does derive from it by letting the boy and girl “fall in love” before the film ends. However, it uses that to set up a new source of conflict to set up the third act. It’s not super innovative, but a good touch.

The problem with Missed Connections is that it’s not very funny. There are really awkward scenes between Abrahams and Sumner where the film tries to force a laugh out, but it just doesn’t work. Could it be a chemistry problem? Maybe. I liked Abrahams energy and would like to see him in more. Sumner was recently in Frances Ha and will be playing Patti Smith in the upcoming CBGB.

Missed Connections missed the most important thing in a film: a connection with its audience. Despite some tender moments between Josh and his IT compatriots, Missed Connections felt empty and dead. This is one missed connection you won’t mind letting pass.