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Sing 2 is the type of sequel one would think doesn’t need to be made. Once you see it, you realize there is a ton of heart and soul here. That and a killer soundtrack make up the core of this unnecessary, but ultimately very worthwhile continuation.

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Sing 2
Director: Garth Jennings
Release Date: December 22, 2021 (Theatrical Release Only)
Rating: PG

The premise this time is something of a direct continuation from the first film. Buster Moon’s (Matthew McConaughey) theater is truly thriving after putting on its latest production. Everything is looking up, but then a talent scout named Suki (Chelsea Perretti) ends up rejecting the play and even Moon’s cast. She tells them all that they would never make it in Redshore City -a composite of Las Vegas-, which prompts Moon and most of the original cast from the first film to head there and prove Suki wrong.
Upon arriving in Redshore City, Moon and Co sneak into an audition for Jimmy Crystal (Bobby Cannavale), an entertainment personality and media mogul that bears resemblance to Simon Cowell. About to be rejected with his original idea, Gunther (Nick Kroll) pitches a space-themed musical to feature Clay Calloway (Bono), who has not been seen since his wife died 15 years prior. The famous singer was a star and has since become a recluse. Crystal agrees to put it on provided they get the show ready running in three weeks with Calloway.
What ensues next is each cast member dealing with issues they haven’t yet resolved from the first film, as well as some new problems. The film has some dark moments, such as how violent Crystal becomes when things don’t go his way. He straight-up threatens to murder Moon multiple times and even attempts it during the show. Pretty dark in a film marked more towards children, not to mention juxtaposed against humor and lighthearted bits.
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While it may seem like Zootopia: The Musical, Sing 2 is way more than that. Illumination took what made the first Sing different from other titles and elevated it to the next level. For Buster Moon and his crew of aspiring singers and actors, the story this time is about more than just becoming famous: it’s really about finding who you are and not being afraid to show the world that.
At first glance, it looks like just another kids’ movie, but it touches on subjects such as fear, loss, grief, and failure. Things that any age group can relate to. When many may be feeling hopeless, this movie comes along and reminds us not to give up even when the odds are so stacked against us.
Every character in the sequel was entertaining to watch, though the clear standouts are Tarron Egerton (Johnny), Scarlett Johansson (Ash), and Reese Witherspoon (Rita). McConaughey does flex a little as Moon, but the story wisely chooses to focus on the three aforementioned characters in lieu of him. He already had his time in the spotlight, so there’s not too much left to delve into.
As for the supporting cast, Halsey, who plays Porsha Jimmy Crystal’s daughter, does a decent job. Although Bono is barely in the film as Clay Calloway, his performance makes you want to see and hear more. The film’s ending leads to interpretations that a third and final one could be on the way, but it’s hard to truly gauge. I would say a third isn’t needed and that Sing 2 has an ending that is great on its own.
With a stellar cast comprised of returning characters and a ton of original ones mixed alongside a heartfelt story, Sing 2 is a sequel worth seeing if you loved the original. In some ways, it even bests the first, proving that Illumination sequels don’t have to be pale imitations of their predecessors.



Sing 2 is a sequel worth seeing and one that occasionally bests the original.

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