Rhys Ifans linked with Bond 23


With filming for Bond 23 set to start in November according to Dame Judi Dench, casting rumours are becoming more substantial and consistent in the names linked with the movie. Javier Bardem and Ralph Fiennes are being repeatedly tied into villain roles, while Naomie Harris is supposedly waiting in the wings as the new Moneypenny, even though she blantantly deserves a lead role.

Another name has now emerged according to English newspaper The Telegraph, and it’s one that few people will have expected. Rhys Ifans, the Welsh actor best known for dating Sienna Miller and appearing a variety of shaggy-haired supporting roles, is said by a ‘source’ to have joined the cast. With the actor already set to appear as Curt Connors in next year’s Spider-Man reboot, Ifans’ involvement would continue his slow ascent towards something approaching more mainstream material: he was in Potter as well, albeit in one of those roles no-one notices.

Even more interesting is that he and Craig have not only shared a screen before, but a fully fledged snog in the Ian McEwan adaptation Enduring Love. And let’s not forget that, two years ago, Daniel Craig ‘joked’ that he’d like to see Bond expand his sexual horizons. Hmmmm – Craig’s Bond career started in tight Speedos. Will the next step be a fangirl-splooshing threeway between him, Ifans and Bardem? With Fiennes filming it all through a two-way mirror behind the bed of a Turkish bridal suite? You heard it here first!

[via The Telegraph]