Rian Johnson is still working on his Star Wars trilogy


Back in December, Disney announced a multitude of upcoming movies and shows set in the Star Wars universe that’ll help sate its fans’ appetites as the franchise steps beyond the Skywalker family. Undetermined at that time was Rian Johnson’s involvement, which has seemingly become a yearly tradition to remind everyone that yes, Johnson is still on board.

Earlier today, Johnson confirmed that his proposed trilogy is still happening, something he did in 2018 and 2019. That’s about as much information as we’re going to get at this point, as Johnson continues to noodle out the details. Since news of his involvement first broke in 2017, Johnson’s direction of his trilogy was likely to introduce fans to a new cast of characters that weren’t already entrenched in Star Wars lore, and he confirmed as much when rumors of his involvement sprung up once again.

It’s well-documented that fan reception to Johnson’s The Last Jedi was, to put it generously, mixed. Hopefully giving him agency over this new trilogy instead of only the middle movie of another trilogy will better provide a flowing story that many felt was missing during episodes seven through nine. For now, it’s a waiting game to see what Johnson has in store as Disney continues expanding the universe.

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Nick Hershey