Rian Johnson talks 3D filmmaking


Rian Johnson, director of such modern classics as Brick and The Brothers Bloom, wrote a pretty great essay about stereoscopic filmmaking. In it, Johnson discusses his personal views on the medium, and how (in theory), stereoscopic filmmaking is as important as the implementation of color film in the late-30’s.

I really don’t have enough space here to accurately state everything that’s contained in the essay. However, if you even have the slightest opinion or interest in 3D filmmaking, it’s well worth ten minutes of your time to read the entire piece. It’s opened my eyes to a different perspective on the matter. While Prometheus absolutely sucked me in with its 3D, I see exactly what Rian is getting at in his essay. Honestly, I don’t think of 3D filmmaking as the same thing as traditional filmmaking. There are so many different factors you have to take into account when adding that third dimension. Your lighting set-ups change, you have to change up your editing workflow, the list goes on. It’s a hell of a task, but if done correctly, 3D can totally benefit your film (especially if it’s a world building movie like Prometheus). At the end of the day, I see 3D as a tool a filmmaker could implement should they A) Understand what shooting 3D is getting themselves in to, and B) Truly think that it’ll benefit the finished picture. 

What do you lovely folks think? 

[via Rian Johnson’s Tumblr]