Ricardo de Montreuil may helm post-apocalyptic Zorro


Last month we gave you news of a post-apocalyptic take on Zorro called Zorro Reborn. In the film, Gael Garía Bernal will play the masked avenger who is hellbent on revenge in a desolate wasteland (possibly Ohio). Peruvian filmmaker Ricardo de Montreuil may be tapped to direct the film. He’s set to do a screen test with Bernal in the near future, not to be confused with the dystopian future.

I’m not familiar with de Montreuil’s work. His first feature, La mujer de mi hermano, received poor reviews on Rotten Tomatoes (20% fresh), comparing the film to a not-that-good telenovela. His more recent film, Máncora, received slightly higher marks (33%, but only a handful of reviews) yet seems equally tepid-at-best. Collider posted a video of one of his shorts called The Raven. I’ve followed suit and included it after the cut. It’s futuristic, but more in the police state sort of way rather than the dry-land-where-seeds-find-no-purchase sort of way.

Still no word on the exact plot of Zorro Reborn. As Alex and I discussed in the comments of the previous story, hopefully the bad guy is a 300-year-old Zorro (played by Antonio Banderas) who flies around in the giant head from Zardoz. But in a perfect world, this would also be a prequel to Six-String Samurai, with Gael Zorro and Buddy teaming up to bring down Zorrodoz.

[Via Collider]

THE RAVEN | A sci-fi film by Ricardo de Montreuil

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