Richard Branson tasks McG for Columbus movie


Richard Branson, billionaire entrepreneur that runs Virgin’s vast array of organizations, has decided getting into movies would be awesome, because that’s pretty much what happens when you’re a billionaire. As such, he’s created Virgin Produced. Now coming from Virgin Produced is a 300-style telling of Christopher Columbus’s discovery of America from a script by T.S. Nowlin. If that doesn’t seem ludicrous enough, McG is attached to direct.

Now, I don’t exactly love McG, as he’s responsible for putting the kibosh on any future Terminator movies for the next few years, but a Christopher Columbus movie? The fact that it’s going to be all 300 basically says to me that there’s not going to be a lot of credence given to historical accuracy, but who’d want a two hour movie about a guy getting lost then murdering a lot of natives? Sorry, murdering natives in slow motion.

Space Pioneer Richard Branson Discovers McG-Directed ‘Columbus’ For First Spec Buy [Deadline]