Richard Kelly is going to Corpus Christi


I have a tumultuous love/hate relationship with director Richard Kelly. While I consider cult darling Donnie Darko to be extremely overrated, I thoroughly enjoyed the failure that was Southland Tales and even thought The Box wasn’t THAT bad. Either way, it seems I have a new Richard Kelly film to confuse myself over.

Variety reports that Kelly, along with his company Darko Entertainment, is set to write and directed Corpus Christi, a thriller set in (you guessed it) Corpus Christi, Texas. The film revolves around a mentally unstable Iraq war veteran and his strange relationship with his boss who owns a super market chain and has political ambitions. Casting is well underway and production is set to begin in July.

While Variety says that Corpus Christi will follow a more traditional narrative, I wouldn’t be surprised if Richard Kelly doesn’t muck about and produce yet another trippy film that flies over peoples heads. Not to say it’s a bad thing, just the obvious thing. Also, since I know you’re still thinking about it: YES I hated Donnie Darko and YES I actually liked Southland Tales. Crucify me in the comments.

[via Variety]