Rick and Morty scores 70 episode deal with Adult Swim


Rick and Morty, a polarizing show to say the least, has been given a massive renewal by Adult Swim. The 70 episode deal will certainly span beyond the show’s fourth season and keep the series in development for an untold number of years.

For reference, the flagship Adult Swim series The Venture Bros has 75 episodes to its entire run. Also, that series has been running since 2004, so we could feasibly have more than a decade of Rick and Morty ahead of us, depending on how these episodes are released.

Thanks to the show’s vehement, aggressive, and sometimes horrifying fanbase, Rick and Morty is a show that’s been well-embedded into the public conciseness. When a one-off joke can turn into national chaos, you know you have a hit on your hands, and Adult Swim has felt its benefits. The season three finale scored the highest ratings Adult Swim’s ever seen, and after waiting for a surprisingly long period to announce a renewal, they’ve made it clear that Rick and Morty is here to stay.

‘Rick And Morty’ Gets Massive 70-Episode Renewal By Adult Swim; Creators Dan Harmon & Justin Roiland Ink Overall Deal [Deadline]

Kyle Yadlosky
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