Rick and Morty, South Park find a new home on HBO Max


If you’re trying to make a splash in the world of adult animation grabbing the historical rights to two of televisions biggest animated shows is a good way to do it. At their event yesterday, Warner Media announced that both Rick and Morty and South Park will find their new streaming home on HBO Max. 

The streaming rights for Rick and Morty are not exclusive. That means you can continue to enjoy Pickle Rick or whatever cultural meme the show has created on Hulu as well without any interruption. However, the entire South Park vault will be exclusive. Warner Media paid massive amounts of money to acquire the exclusive rights to every season of South Park, stealing it from Hulu and setting themselves up with one of the more desirable shows on streaming. There’s one more difference between the two shows as well: Rick and Morty will drop entire seasons after they’ve aired but South Park will function as it does on Hulu right now, with episodes being available 24 hours after airing on Comedy Central.

The non-exclusivity deal for Rick and Morty doesn’t make that the biggest pull to sign up for HBO Max, especially since Hulu has already inked a deal to get all 101 future episodes of the show. However, South Park has people who will gladly pay a monthly fee just to have it available all the time. It’s a big win for the streamer, which debuted a ton of big wins last night, including signalling they’ll be doing DC content in a big way

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Matthew Razak
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