‘Rick and Morty’ writer developing ‘Crazy Rich Asians’-inspired comedy for ABC


With Crazy Rich Asians making film studios even more crazy rich, you’re darn right that other companies will want a piece of the success. According to THR, Rick and Morty writer Jessica Gao, who recently won an Emmy for the “Pickle Rick” episode of the animated show, is developing a yet-to-be-titled show for ABC that was pitched as “Lazy Rich Asians.”

While not actually based on the film and the book series that it adapts, Gao’s script will have similar themes. The plot involves a first-generation Chinese-American woman named Janet Zhao, who is named the sole inheritor of her recently-deceased grandmother’s fortune. As a result, Janet will now have to put up with her somewhat-estranged family members.

It feels a bit more like Arrested Development, with the character of Janet Zhao sounding like a Michael Bluth-sane-person-in-charge role. Still, it’s great that the success of an Asian-led blockbuster has led to more projects such as this one, which hopefully will join Fresh Off the Boat in ABC’s lineup.

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