Rick Baker’s MIB3 aliens are a B-movie lover’s delight


I’m definitely having trouble getting excited for Men in Black 3, especially after a series of lackluster trailers, but one thing I can always count on is the work of makeup artist Rick Baker, shown in the gallery with a number of his designed creatures for Men in Black 3. My favorite show is this one I’ve chosen for the header image above. It looks like such a wonderful compilation of sixties B-movie creatures, all giant brains and bubble helmets. It’ll fit well with the film’s more retro-past-future-past aesthetic. We also get a bit more of a solid look at Jemaine Clement as alien biker villain Boris (that’d be the fella with the goggle-looking eyes).

So, if nothing else, Men in Black 3 will probably be worth the price of admission in terms of character design. That’s a breath of fresh air for me, since with the second film, all we got was CGI plant Lara Flynn Boyle and a dude that looked like actual feces so Will Smith could make a joke about him looking like crap DO YOU GET IT BECAUSE POOPS. The mail room guys were still pretty cool though. I’d like a spin-off movie about them, please. We can call it, “The Special Adventures of the Alien Mail Room in That Little Town I’ve Forgotten.” The rating? X. Basically, I want an alien porno set in a mail room. I’ve got needs, dammit. 

[Stark Industries, via First Showing]