‘Ricky and Morty’ Season 3 drops July 30th, new trailer out


Let’s wind the clock back for just a moment. It’s 2015. You’re watching the Season 2 finale of Rick and Morty. There’s a big cliffhanger that sets up the next season, and all of the sudden, you’re face to face with an old friend, Mr. Poopy Butthole. You’re happy. I mean, who doesn’t like Mr. Poopy Butthole anyways? Jerry? Pssh, yeah right. However, Mr. Poopy Butthole tells you some terrible, terrible news. Rick and Morty season three won’t be coming out for a year or more. Suddenly, the elation you were just feeling stagnates, crumbling into despair, as you realize that a world without Ricky and Morty isn’t a world worth living in.

Snap back to the present day and wow, so much has changed. Adult Swim pulled off one of the best anti-April Fools Day jokes in recent memory by releasing the first episode of Season 3 on the day, and has since gone to town with loads of strange claymation teasers and weird clips from the upcoming season. The wait was nearly over. Yet, there was still no release date…

Well, until yesterday.

During a Rick and Morty livestream, creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon announced that Season 3 would be premiering on July 30th, and the Adult Swim twitter account officially confirmed it after the livestream concluded. 

And, as if they weren’t satisfied with the levels of hype, Adult Swim dropped the first real trailer for the show soon after the stream. It doesn’t beat around the bush, with Rick openly stating, “Welcome to the darkest year of our adventures.” Boy, do I hope that’s true. The trailer packs uncanny moments and farcical jokes closely together, never holding back for any reason. 

If this really is the darkest, wackiest season of Rick and Morty thus far, it’ll have a fair shot at become its best as well.

[via Twitter]