Ridley Scott adapting BBC’s The Day Britain Stopped


File this one under completely random and unnecessary, but it looks like Ridley Scott and Steve Zaillian are interested in producing a feature film adaption of the BBC’s made for t.v. docu-drama The Day Britain Stopped. Originally airing and taking place in 2003, the film essentially described a worst case scenario as Britain’s transportation infrastructure collapsed, leaving hundreds of thousands stranded in gridlock and in airplane and train stations.

Having never seen it, I can’t really say whether or not this is something worth bringing to the big screen. Apparently Scott and Zaillian aren’t interested in all out remake, but something more inspired by the concept of the original. 20th Century Fox is apparently already on board, so this this is definitely a thing.

I haven’t really, really enjoyed a Ridley Scott film in some years, the last probably being Matchstick Men, so I can’t say I care about anything he’s doing nowadays. But who knows, maybe he’ll start sneaking in some answers into his films about exactly what the hell was going on in Prometheus. That would be a genius cross-promotion.

[via Coming Soon]