Ridley Scott confirms, again, Prometheus is Alien prequel


I don’t quite understand why Ridley Scott hasn’t been able to just flat out say, “Yes, Prometheus is a prequel to Alien.” He has hinted at it, used the phrase “Alien DNA” a lot, but he can’t just freaking SAY THE WORDS. WE ALL KNOW THAT’S WHAT IT IS, RIDLEY. ACCEPT IT. Now, we’re still getting the same line about “Alien DNA,” but it at least provides a better picture of how the film will tie into the Alien franchise. Since it’s spoiler material, I’m going to toss it after the cut, so don’t go clicking through if you don’t want spoilers on Prometheus.

Also, I’m going to start a baseless, utterly untrue rumor right now. Prometheus is actually NOT an Alien prequel but is, in fact, a “Prometheus and Bob” prequel. That is a fact that I heard from the voice in my head that sounds like Ridley Scott. You’re welcome, Internet. I have solved The Mystery.

[Via Wall Street Journal]

While Scott confirmed that there will be no cameos from previous Alien films, which makes sense as Prometheus takes place over a hundred years before Alien, he also uses that goddamned “Alien DNA” bit to describe the film’s end. The Wall Street Journal interview states that “[t]he last eight minutes of the Prometheus story evolve into ‘a pretty good DNA of the Alien one.'” That says to me that the final moments of the film may involve the creation of the Xenomorphs as we recognize them today, and possibly the crash of the Space Jockey’s ship on LV-246. This makes sense, as the “Alien Gods” we’ve heard about from leaked synopses of the film seem to be pretty likely to be the actual Space Jockey race.

More than anything, though, I’m pumped for the actual story of Prometheus, regardless of its connection to Alien. I’ve always liked the sci-fi concept of distant aliens seeding our world with life, and Ridley Scott is the perfect man to tackle it, since it’s never quite worked well in science fiction cinema.