Ridley Scott eyeing Cormac McCarthy’s The Counselor


In mid-January we mentioned that Cormac McCarthy sold his first spec script, The Counselor. Turns out he didn’t have to wait long before a filmmaker became interested.

Ridley Scott is in talks to direct The Counselor as his follow-up to Prometheus (aka Alien: An Unexpected Journey). Scott is speaking directly with McCarthy about the project, as depicted above. Other potential films for Scott include Child 44 and a historical epic about spy, diplomat, archaeologist, and world traveler Gertrude Bell.

Scott had previously been interested in adapting McCarthy’s Blood Meridian but eventually left that project. Todd Field was also attached at one time. As of now, James Franco (oh jeez) is interested in adapting the book. Listen, Ridley, I know you want to do this spec script, but maybe consider Blood Meridian again? I don’t trust that Franco kid with it. He’s got the shifty eyes, and his solo art exhibition looked like crap.

[Via Deadline]

Hubert Vigilla
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