Ridley Scott eyeing writer for new Blade Runner


See what I did there? ‘Eyeing’? For a Monday, that’s a fantastic pun. Anyway, it sounds like Ridley Scott’s plans for a Blade Runner sequel are moving along apace, as he has told The Wall Street Journal that he is now only looking for a writer to put his ideas to paper before properly kicking off what will be his second return to a favourite old property, after Prometheus sent him back into the Alien universe.

A handful of story details were also confirmed: the film will be a sequel and none of the original cast will be returning. When asked whether there was any possibility of Deckard turning up, Scott replied: “No, not really.” That’s that, then. Scott hasn’t been on his game for a while now, so hopefully going back to his old stomping grounds will revive his creative spark, at least enough to not tarnish his legacy too badly. Any chance of another Vangelis score, I wonder?

[via The Wall Street Journal]