Ridley Scott is still making Prometheus 2 for some reason


So…like, remember Prometheus? That modern classic sci-fi film that set the world on fire and had clamoring fans eager for a sequel the second they left the theater? No? Well…you’re getting a Prometheus sequel anyway.

In an interview with /Film, famed director Ridley Scott confirms that his next movie will, in fact, be Prometheus 2, the “long-awaited” sequel to the “hit” 2012 Alien prequel. The first movie ended with Whats-Her-Name and Head-of-Michael-Fassbender taking an alien spaceship and heading for the homeworld of those big muscly guys, so presumably seeing what happens to them is the film’s primary focus. Also, there was…like, a proto-xenomorph or something that maybe we’ll see followed up on? Who knows. That movie was kind of a mess.

This isn’t super-surprising – Scott has publicly defended the widely-panned Prometheus and expressed his intentions to do a follow-up – but it is news that’s just kind of…there. Look, the original Prometheus was fine, I guess, not nearly worth the hate it got but also not really anything special either. It fell just short of making back its budget in theaters, but Ridley Scott is one of those directors who kind of gets to do whatever he wants (with good reason, to be fair) so letting him do a sequel to is disappointing just-kind-of-there movie makes a certain kind of sense.