Ridley Scott producing biblical film based on David


With Noah, a Ben-Hur remake, that Bible miniseries, a film based on Pontius Pilate, and Ridley Scott’s own Exodus: Gods and Kings in the pipeline, it seems like big Biblical adaptations are making a comeback. That’s pretty cool. There are no better blockbuster films than Biblical films. Regardless of your own religious views, you have to admit the Bible’s full of great (prime for film) imagery: Plagues, salty pillars, giant horns that destroy cities, fiery horsemen, dudes fighting with lions. All good stuff. 

So it makes sense that Ridley Scott is working on another one. Teaming up with Fox, Ridley Scott is producing a story based on David. Although there’s no official plot yet (or confirmation of director), Variety claims it’ll explore David’s life after he “smoted” Goliath. So it’ll basically be an adaptation of Bart’s Dream in “Simpsons Bible Stories.” I’m cool with that. 

Bring on Goliath II. 

[via Variety]