RiffTrax successfully Kickstarts their MST3K reunion show


Last year a new generation of Mystery Science Theater 3000 was successfully funded on Kickstarter. Yet only series creator Joel Hodgson was involved directly in the new MST3K, which made many fans wonder if the other cast members would make appearances or help in any way.

Thanks to Kickstarter, a live MST3K reunion is happening via the RiffTrax crew of Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett, who surpassed their $225,000 funding goal. The reunion show will take place on Tuesday, June 28th in Minneapolis, MN, and will be broadcast live to other theaters by Fathom Events. Here’s their promo video:

The Joel-era and Mike-era cast will be riffing on shorts and also doing an all-new riff on Time Chasers. As of this writing, the RiffTrax Live line-up is:

  • Mike J. Nelson
  • Joel Hodgson
  • Kevin Murphy
  • Trace Beaulieu
  • Frank Coniff
  • Bill Corbett
  • Mary Jo Pehl
  • Bridget Nelson
  • Jonah Ray

You’ll notice that Jonah Ray, the host of the new MST3K, is part of this riffing crew. It ought to give a little taste of what he’ll bring to the revived show.

There’s still time to contribute to the RiffTrax Live MST3K reunion Kickstarter. Give it a look, you mugs. The RiffTrax crew might be able to release a DVD of the live reunion show if everything goes well.

[via Kickstarter]
Hubert Vigilla
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