Rihanna holds a big gun on a Battleship


What more can I tell you other than Rihanna is in the upcoming Battleship movie (aka Transformers on a Boat) and she will in fact hold a very big gun? Perhaps I can try out a few puns that refer to her music career, such as:

  • Mr. DJ better Pon de Replay … before he gets shot by Ri-Ri’s big ass gun.
  • That gun is sure to scare off all those Rude Boys.
  • That is one gun you do not want to play Russian Roulette with.
  • Something about UmbrellasLove the Way You LieSOS … D-4 YOU SUNK MY BATTLESHIP?

OK, that bit definitely went south, but I imagine it couldn’t have been worse than making an film adaptation of Battleship. Check the gallery for the full high res picture of Rihanna holding a very big gun.

[Via TotalFilm]