RIP Leonard Nimoy (1931-2015)


Earlier today, news broke that Leonard Nimoy had passed away at the age of 83. 

It’s hard to put into words the personal importance of Nimoy’s work. Star Trek wasn’t just the show I watched as a child, it was my inspiration. It taught me empathy, it taught me my value, and as someone with Asperger Syndrome, I always saw myself in Spock. Nimoy played him as detached, as logical, as an outsider, but always desperately human. He made me realize that nothing about me made me any less capable of love. It’s safe to say that without him, I wouldn’t have been able to grow into the person I am today.

Stories like mine are being shared a hundred apiece today, all over the internet. Nimoy’s work touched the lives of so many, all the way from Star Trek, to his hilarious and touching cameos in The Simpsons, to his beautiful photography project: The Full Body Experience. Throughout his life, his commitment to making the world just a little bit better ended up making it a lot better for countless people.

But I don’t need to tell you that, because you already know. Leonard Nimoy was one of the greats, and he will be not easily forgotten. His loss will be felt today, but his life will continue to be felt for all the years to come.

[via New York Times]