Rise of the Skywalker makes a lot but not enough


So Star Wars: Rise of the Skywalker had the third best December weekend ever pulling in $175.5 million. That’s nothing to scoff at at all. Disney, who was predicting some low numbers at $165 million is probably not going to scoff at the number but outside analysts were predicting around $200 million. It’s not a bad number at all but maybe concerning long term?

Even more concerning is the fact that the film performed downward sharply over the weekend, seeing a drop from opening night that no other Star Wars has shown. It doesn’t give the film great prospect for long term box office success and it continues to signal the downward decline of the franchise since The Force Awakens destroyed box office records. It’s a weird place to be where the franchise is super successful but not quite as successful as everyone thought it should be. So take what you will from the returns but remember its still all profit for Disney.

What isn’t profit? Cats. Cats is terrible and everyone hates it and no one saw it. $6.5 million is terrible and Universal is going to take a massive bath on this one along with Tom Hooper’s career. 

1. Star Wars: Rise of the Skywalker – $175,500,000
2. Jumanji: The Next Level – $26,125,000
3. Frozen 2 – $12,300,000
4Cats – $6,500,000
5. Knives Out – $6,125,000
6. Bombshell$5,075,000
7. Richard Jewell – $2,565,000
8. Queen & Slim – $1,850,000
9. Black Christmas – $1,800,000
10. Ford v. Ferrari – $1,800,000

Matthew Razak
Matthew Razak is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Flixist. He has worked as a critic for more than a decade, reviewing and talking about movies, TV shows, and videogames. He will talk your ear off about James Bond movies, Doctor Who, Zelda, and Star Trek.