Rise up with the new Pacific Rim Uprising teaser


San Diego Comic Con is heating up in the lead up to the big weekend with some trailer tapas to hold us over until the main course that is the big panels. Yesterday saw the release of a new teaser trailer for Pacific Rim Uprising. While a bit light on any story elements, it does give us a nice look at some of the Jaegers that could be present in the movie, also it’s always great for Ellen McLain to get more exposure. With the trailer being designed like a military recruitment ad is it too much to ask for Uprising to be a remake of Full Metal Jacket but with robots?

Join the Jaeger Uprising

Pacific Rim: Uprising will be out on February 23, 2018 and while produced by Guillermo del Toro will be directed by Steven S. DeKnight who doesn’t have an extended resume but did work on Dollhouse and Daredevil (don’t worry it was the TV series).

Anthony Marzano
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