Road House is …sigh… getting a remake


This is only going to get worse so if the idea of a Road House remake already has you pulling out your hair in anger then just stop reading. MGM will indeed be remaking the Patrick Swayze starring Road House, thus confirming they don’t understand that the reason it has a cult following is because it is so fantastically unique. However, their poor decisions don’t stop there.

They’ve brought on Rob Cohen to direct. Cohen kicked off the Fast and the Furious series with the insanely successful first film, and is well versed in action movies, but the problem is they all suck. The first Fast was actually really bad and boring and his other credits include one of The Mummy movies and xXx, which was just no. 

I hate to pre-judge (that’s a lie, it’s tons of fun), but I couldn’t be less excited for this.

[via The Wrap]

Matthew Razak
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