Rob Schrab to direct the Lego Movie sequel


As awesome as everything was in The Lego Movie, it is possible the sequel will be even more… awesome (*bursts into singing “Everything is awesome”). 

I was initially not sold on the idea to make a second Lego Movie, but this may have won me over. It has been confirmed that The Lego Movie Sequel will mark the feature directorial debut for Rob Schrab, of Community and social media-trolling fame. For those who know Schrab and his work, it’s automatically the perfect fit. For those who don’t, please let me indulge you: He has worked on Community, Parks and Recreations (RIP, 2009-2015), The Sarah Silverman Program and many other highly celebrated television shows . He truly is a comedic genius, as Phil Lord and Christopher Miller proclaims in their announcement. 

Lord and Miller, who directed the first movie, is back to focus on the screenplay this time around, so it’s all in safe hands until it premieres sometime in 2018. Whether or not a sequel is necessary remains to be seen, but now we have a silver lining, if nothing else.

(Fun fact: Community directors, Anthony and Joe Russo, directed Captain America: The Winter Soldier, so, get a job at that community college and your future is set.) 

(via: Deadline)