Robert De Niro to continue ruining his legacy


Those of you holding your breath for a Robert De Niro comeback performance can keep holding their breath. De Niro is set to co-star in the cop drama Freelancers alongside 4-time BET Award winner Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. The film is also being produced by Fiddy’s own production company, Cheetah Vision.

De Niro’s veteran cop character will essentially play mentor to Jackson’s rookie, and the two will team up on a “rogue task force”. I assume they will be trying to take down criminals while simultaneously learning about each other and their feelings too.

The motion picture will be directed by Jesse Terrero. Terrero’s previous credits include 2004’s Soul Plane, which was quite stunningly shut out of the Oscars in the year it was eligible. For all of you wishing for the guy who directed Soul Plane and screen legend Robert De Niro to collaborate soon, you have my undying hatred.

[Via Deadline]