Robert Pattinson cast as the new Batman


We have got quite the interesting news on who will play the next Batman thanks to an exclusive source via Variety. Robert Pattinson, who went from being no more than a side character in the successful Harry Potter film franchise to helming the Twilight series is now stepping into some very big bat shoes. That’s right Batman fans he is going to play him in Warner Bros’ and Matt Reeves upcoming film, The Batman.

Let that sink in for a little bit, the actor who literally played a vampire is now playing a man who dresses up like a bat and fights crime. I can’t think of a more ironic casting choice. While he isn’t my first choice to play Batman, he certainly has come a long way from his days as Edward Cullen and Cedric Diggory. 

The Batman is still in early days of its development with Matt Reeves still working out the kinks in the script. Rumors also state that filming could be starting later this year. This casting news does come as a bit of a surprise since it wasn’t quite clear who the next Batman would be since Ben Affleck dropped out. The last Justice League film didn’t exactly sell out at the box office, so perhaps Pattinson can bring audiences back over to the DC film side now that Avengers has wrapped up. 

It’s a true waiting game now to see how this all pans out. Hopefully, it leads to a stellar new DC film that isn’t a complete and total waste of time.

Robert Pattinson to Play ‘The Batman’ for Matt Reeves and Warner Bros. (EXCLUSIVE) [Variety]

Tarah Bleier
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