Robert Rodriguez to direct Jonny Quest


I have never seen Jonny Quest. I can only assume it is about a boy, named Jonny, who embarks upon some sort of quest. From the two images I saw on google, I thought “ah, this looks like The Mummy: The Animated Series” so that should be a nice indication as to the massive scope of my ignorance. Anyway, Robert Rodriguez is making a Jonny Quest movie.

Robert Rodriguez has directed some great movies in the past, like From Dusk Til Dawn and Spy Kids, but I haven’t enjoyed a single movie of his in a good long while, and Spy Kids: All The Time In The World was a special kind of disaster that literally left the cinema smelling of crap. He’ll be directing and writing the script, along with Pirates of the Carribean screenwriter Terry Rossio, so who knows how it’s gonna turn out. Luckily, having zero investment in Jonny Quest, I don’t have to care!

Thoughts going out to all you Jonny Quest fans getting all anxious right about now. My prayers are with you.

[via THR]