Robert Zemeckis sinks the mo-cap Yellow Submarine remake


For years, Robert Zemeckis has tried to make a motion-capture remake of The Beatles’s Yellow Submarine. Last year, Disney dropped the project, which left Zemeckis looking for another studio. Now Zemeckis seems uninterested in pursuing the film at all.

Zemeckis told MovieHole the following:

That would have been a great one to bring The Beatles back to life. But it’s probably better not to be remade — you’re always behind the 8-ball when do you a remake. It gets harder and harder [to make movies]. With the current state of the industry, it’s difficult to stay passionate about it. The hardest thing for a filmmaker as he’s aging is saying, “How much more of this crap can I take?” It’s tough, I can only do it if I have a script to believe in. Like Flight.

A mo-cap remake of Yellow Submarine seemed like a bad idea from the get-go. Not all motion capture is bad (e.g., The Adventures of Tintin), but I really don’t see how you’d outdo the charming psychedelia of the original. Given, I may be saying this was a bad idea because Yellow Submarine was one of my favorite movies as a kid, but still. Let’s all just be thankful that this remake has been torpedoed.

After the cut, one of my favorite scenes from Yellow Submarine.

[MovieHole via JoBlo]

Hubert Vigilla
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