Robert Zemeckis to make murderous Garden Gnome movie


It seems like Robert Zemeckis has finally realized that his animation methods are super creepy. He has just hired Chad Damiani and JP Lavin to write an adaptation of the book How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack by Chuck Sambuchino. The book is a guide on what to do when one’s garden ornaments are consumed by bloodlust, and Zemeckis plans to make this more of a PG-13 affair, with gnomes that are legitimately horrifying. Even creepier is that the rest of the film will be live-action, so only the gnomes will have that terrifying, soulless gaze.

Does anyone actually use garden gnomes anymore? I only ever noticed a couple of them when I lived in New England, and they were all on those houses- you know, the ones covered in so much crap that actually spotting an individual ornament is something of a challenge. I don’t know how successful Gnomeo & Juliet was, but I hope it didn’t bring on a new film trend.

[JoBlo, via Deadline]