Robin Hood will be getting a live-action remake on Disney+, providing us nightmare fuel for years to come


It seems Disney’s remake craze has no end in sight. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the next animated “classic” to receive the live-action remake treatment will be the 1973 anthropomorphic take on Robin Hood. Well regarded in its day, the film eventually came under fire for being the prime example of the Disney xerox era of film making, what with its repetitive frames and lousy animation quality.

Returning to scribe the film is Kari Granlund, responsible for last year’s Lady and the Trump on Disney+. Granlund will be joined by Carlos Lopez Estrada, who is taking over directing duties. Justin Springer will produce the film, which is set exclusively for Disney’s streaming service.

If you thought this would be a new animated take, get ready to see something akin to Cats. Robin Hood will feature a mixture of live-action and CGI, creating tons of nightmare fuel for years to come. I’m sure this won’t be as bad as Tom Hooper’s disastrous adaptation, but here’s always hope.

Robin Hood‘ Remake in the Works at Disney+ With ‘Blindspotting‘ Director (Exclusive) [The Hollywood Reporter]

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