Robin Williams wants to play Einstein and Teddy Roosevelt


During a recent interview, Robin Williams expressed an interest in playing Albert Einstein and Theodore Roosevelt in the future. Williams technically played Roosevelt in the Night at the Museum movies, but he probably means playing TR in some kind of biopic.

Given Williams’s range as an actor, I’m all for him depicting either historical figure. A straightforward film about TR would be pretty remarkable given Roosevelt’s role in The Spanish-American War, his career as a president and statesman, his love of the outdoors, and his mythical stamina and smarts.

Einstein would be a fascinating figure to explore as well, whether in a straight-up biopic or a work of science fiction and fantasy. Maybe someone could turn Alan Lightman’s short, enchanting, Calvino-esque book Einstein’s Dreams into a movie.

I have just one condition: neither of these films can have a scene in which Williams tries on different clothes and does impressions in front of a f***ing mirror. For the love of God, none of that, please.

[Via Cinema Blend]

Hubert Vigilla
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