Robocop may have new armor


There exists a scene in a draft of the upcoming Robocop remake (449 days and counting!), where Omni Corp. is focus testing new designs for their Robocop. The criminals all laugh and carry on, saying “He looks like an 80’s toy!”, and that they could never take anyone dressed like that seriously. Sound familiar, internet?

Turns out, Robocop may be getting a bit of an upgrade. A picture was taken earlier this week by Davor Mamuzic, who claims that this new suit is the one Murphy wears for the majority of the flick. Check it out in the gallery below.

What do you guys think? Personally, I was fine with the earlier suit. But this new one harkens back to the Verhoeven flick so well, while still being its own thing. Just what I want out of a remake.

[via /Film]