Robocop remake getting some talent


Have you heard about the upcoming Robocop remake? You’d better, because can you imagine what it might be like if they actually do it right? This is the first remake that I’ve been excited for in years, and its set to release in Summer 2013! Joel Kinnaman has already been been cast as Alex Murphy, and while you might not know this Swedish-American actor’s name, you can take solace in the fact that he was recently in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo as Christer Malm.

Other casting hopefuls include Edward Norton, to play, well, Norton–the guy who brings Alex Murphy back as Robocop. I personally love Norton in just about anything he does, so that’s pretty exciting. Gael Garcia Bernal and Rebecca Hall may also be cast in supporting roles. Bernal would serve as Jack Lewis, Murphy’s partner who gets romantically involved with Hall’s character, Clara, Murphy’s wife. 

Apparently there is also “strong interest” in Sean Penn in the role of Novack, a “right-wing news reporter who sticks to his guns.” I have to admit, after hearing that new characters are just randomly being added in, Lewis is now a MAN, a jerk who steals Murphy’s wife to boot, I’m a little less pleased than when I originally heard about the remake. Still, I have high hopes that I’ll get my fill of cyborgs blowing stuff up.

[Via The Tracking Board]