Robocop remake happening


I told you all that I was filled with immense joy concerning the Robocop statue in Detroit. So imagine how excited I am that MGM has announced that a Robocop reboot is back on the table, and is a priority. Yeah, it’s pretty ridiculous how excited I am.

JoBlo is reporting that since MGM has money again, the powers that be are not only rebooting Robocop, but remakes of Poltergiest, Mr. Mom, and The Idolmaker are also being planned. Also on the table is an original project about Hercules. Oh look at that, an original project. What a novel concept!

Does MGM really think people care about Mr. Mom or The Idolmaker anymore? While a Poltergiest remake could be MGM’s answer to Paranormal Activity, these other remakes seem pointless. With the exception of Robocop of course. As the resident Robocop nerd, I’ll always be excited about new Robocop related projects. But where does the Red Dawn remake stand? Last I heard, they were half way into production when they got shut down. How about finishing that up, MGM? 

[Via JoBlo]