Robocop remake having pre-production/casting issues


To say that the Robocop remake/reboot has had a troubled time getting here would be an understatement. Plans have been in motion to remake the greatest film of all time for a while now, with Darren Aronofsky slated to direct for a 2010 release. Obviously, that never happened. Now, we’re the closest we’ve gotten to a new Robocop film since 1993, and there are still issues abound.

Word on the street is that director Jose Padilha is having to fight for every idea he has for the film. One of the director’s friends, Fernando Meirelles (of City of God fame), has spoken out about the production. “For every 10 ideas he has, nine have to be cut. Whatever he wants, he has to fight.” /Film was quick to point out that this text was run through a translator, and that this situation really isn’t surprising. The studio purposefully chose someone without big-budget experience so that the studio would get what it wants out of the film.

When you take all of that, along with the recent departure of Hugh Laurie as the film’s main villain, the movie doesn’t sound like it’s in a good place currently. Even though Clive Owen may replace Laurie, there’s still the issue of the script that leaked out a week or two ago. Then again, we don’t know which draft that was, or how official it was.

All of these signs point to Robocop having a lot of issues that need working out. Hopefully the project keeps going, as I’m dying to see something new with the franchise.

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