Robotech director chosen


Warner Bros. has had a plan to make a film based off the science fiction anime, Robotech for quite some time. They have just chosen commercial director, Nic Mathieu to direct their project. Toby Maguire is producing the film along with Akiva Goldsman.

A brief summary of the television series would be that humanity discovers an alien spacecraft capable of transforming. Thus massive scientific advances occur in the field of robotic technologies, and create transforming mecha. Also, humanity has to fend off a few extraterrestrial invasions.

I honestly have no idea how I feel about this. I remember that way back in 2007 Warner Bros. bought the film rights to Robotech to eventually make a film out of it. It looks like a cool idea to me, and it could be a possible way to have awesome fighting robots that are not of the Transformers variety. It is rumored to be live-action, which could be cool but could turn out bad.

I basically want this to be a better transformers film. Just give us a good cast of characters, an imaginative universe, awesome visuals, and fighting mecha beating the crap out of aliens. So I guess a more spacey Pacific Rim?

[via The Hollywood Reporter]